1) The Brooklyn Bridge, a cable suspension bridge designed and built by the German-born engineer, John Augustus Roebling.


2) "Washington’s Retreat," a building named for the General, which served as a recreation center on Mill Hill Pond, a popular boating site from the late 1840’s to the early 1870’s.


3) Icemen harvesting cubes of ice from the Mill Hill Pond.


4) Family skaters on Mill Hill pond.


5) Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company barges bringing Pennsylvania coal to Trenton on the Lehigh, Delaware, and D&R canals


6) Fisherman have enjoyed fishing on the Canal and on the Delaware, and hopefully catching dinner, for centuries.


7) A steam engine pulling a cargo of Roebling wire rope over the magnificent Pennsylvania Railroad Delaware River Bridge, completed in 1903.


8) A Delaware River steamboat transporting passengers and cargo to and from Trenton.


9) Log rafting down the Delaware River, bringing saw logs from Pennsylvania and New York forests to Trenton.


10) Digging the D&R Canal seven feet deep through Trenton, mostly by Irish immigrant hands, in the early 1830s.y.