The Chalkboard Chronicles

Illia Barger participates in this artistic happening at the ArtYard.

Mural at Pineville Tavern Article

Details on Illia's latest mural in Philadelphia. 

The Cut/New York Magazine

Barger's artwork inside Leonardo Drew custom designed home


The Bigger Picture Exhibit.

Central Jersey Magazine

A review of the The Bigger Picture Exhibit at the Ellerslie Museum

Enterprising Artist

Illia Barger Speaks to the Business of Art

Community News

New Mural speaks to Trenton's historic past

'Nuance' Exhibition at the Morpeth Gallery

Illia discusses her exhibit at the Morpeth Gallery.

Princeton mural

The creation of 'Continuum' the Princeton mural.

Capital Health Magazine

Illia's work on the mural

Bucks County Herald

Barger's creativity takes a different turn.

Bucks County Herald

Illia's exhibit at Morpeth Gallery.

Color Trends

Illia talks about color.

Art Portal

Illia talks about her work and life as an artist. 

In the Kitchen

Illia's work seen in Saveur magazine.

Seedy Side of fruit...

A look at Illia's delectable paintings. 

Pollock-Krasner Foundation Award Recipient

Barger wins Pollock-Krasner Foundation Award. 

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